Ameritas’ Group Division Improves Secure Provider Website

Lincoln, Neb.//November 18, 2013//The group division of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. recently introduced several enhancements to its secure provider web portal on (in New York, Any dentist who files claims with Ameritas and creates a secure account will have easy access to dental claim processing and patient benefit information, and will be able to better administer functions between multiple offices.

Improved Dental and Orthodontic Claims Information
During development, Ameritas worked with internal and external experts to review current claims information and find areas for improvement, which included applying behavioral science to enhance the way details are provided. Focus groups with network dentists were held to gather feedback on how to improve delivery of dental benefits and claims information.

A new online Explanation of Payment provides details for claims dating back to August 24, 2012, regarding the dental procedure. It shows how the deductible and coinsurance are applied, and calculates the math, making the claim processing detail easier for the provider and the member to understand. Any additional details or remarks specific to a procedure are also shown. The provider and member are now seeing the same information online, making it easier for the provider to answer any questions the patient might have.

The provider also has access to a “Remaining Benefits” link, which provides an Ameritas member’s specific benefit details, such as coinsurance, deductible and maximum, including up-to-date information on remaining benefits. The “Action Taken on this Claim” section provides a quick, high-level snapshot of how a dental claim was processed, including what the provider charged and what the member owes on the claim, if anything.

Additional Enhancements
Several additional improvements were added, including:

  • New search functionality allowing providers to find claims either by member or by payment
  • Single sign-on for offices with multiple locations for fee access, electronic Explanation of Payment opt-in/opt-out, and updating email addresses
  • Ability to download application forms by state

These website improvements will give providers more detailed claims processing information and enhanced functionality, helping ease office administration tasks and facilitating better interaction with the patients they do business with.

About Ameritas
The group division of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. has served customers since 1959 and today provides dental, vision, and hearing care products and services for nearly 110,000 employer groups, insuring or administering benefits for more than 5.4 million people nationwide. Ameritas has one of the largest PPO dental networks in the country with more than 290,000 access points. In New York, products are offered through Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York.


For more information, contact:
Michael Scheetz
Vice President – Ameritas group marketing