Ameritas Group Adds Providers to Dental Network

June 27, 2012//Lincoln, Neb.//Ameritas Group has announced its dental network has increased to more than 85,000 unique providers at over 67,000 locations nationwide. This growth translates to more than 235,000 access points across the country.

The expansion of the Ameritas network providers significantly extends the presence of Ameritas as one of the nation’s leading carriers. And with more access points, Ameritas’ dental PPO members can choose from even more in-network dentists.

“Our members are always free to visit any dentist they choose,” said Ken VanCleave, president of Ameritas Group. “However, Ameritas dental PPO members should experience out-of-pocket savings when visiting an in-network dentist.

“We’re excited to add more opportunities for savings for our dental PPO members,” continued VanCleave. “A larger network also adds value to the PPO products in our portfolio.”

About Ameritas Group
Ameritas Group, a division of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., has served customers since 1959 and today Ameritas Group and other subsidiaries of Ameritas Life provide dental, vision and hearing care products and services for nearly 100,000 employer groups, insuring or administering benefits for more than 5.4 million people nationwide. Ameritas has one of the largest PPO dental networks in the country with more than 235,000 access points. Its customer service claims contact center earned BenchmarkPortal’s prestigious Center of Excellence certification for 2011, the fifth consecutive year. In 2011, Ameritas Group was named fourth in BenchmarkPortal's Top 100 contest. In New York, products are offered through Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York.


For more information, contact:
Karen Gustin
Senior Vice President – Ameritas Group