Variable Annuity Product Performance

The performance of your variable annuity is important to you and to us. You can access daily performance in a variety of formats via the product name links below. The prospectus links provide essential information about the product, the company, the investment options as well as risks and costs associated with the product. Always read the prospectuses carefully before investing.

Product Performance | Prospectus

Overture Medley® | Prospectus

The following products are no longer available to new customers.
Accent! |  Prospectus
Acclaim!  |  Prospectus
Advantage VA III  |  Prospectus
Allocator 2000  |  Prospectus
Annuity I  |  Prospectus
Annuity II-III  |  Prospectus
Annuity III-Plus  |  Prospectus
Designer  |  Prospectus
Medley! TSA | Prospectus
Medley! | Prospectus
Advantage VA III  |  Prospectus

Variable Annuity I  |  Prospectus
Variable Annuity II  | Prospectus
Variable Annuity II SA  |  Prospectus