Compass Index Annuity

Compass Index Annuity, a flexible premium deferred indexed annuity from Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., helps you limit your downside risk and gives you an interest rate linked, in part, to the upside potential of the market.*

Growth Potential

Compass Index Annuity gives you two choices for earning a return on your annuity:
  • The fixed option offers both a guaranteed minimum interest rate and a declared interest rate.**
  • The index option offers earnings based, in part, on a percentage of growth in the S&P 500® Index, Russell 2000® Index, or the MSCI EAFE® Index.*

Other Benefits

With either option, you’ll also enjoy these other benefits of the Compass Index Annuity:
  • Tax Deferral. This means you do not pay taxes on earnings that accumulate in your account until you withdraw it.*** So the money you would have paid in taxes each year continues to work for you.
  • Lifetime Income. Only an annuity can guarantee an income you can’t outlive. The Compass Index Annuity offers valuable options for receiving income from your annuity, such as income for your lifetime with at least ten years guaranteed.
  • Guarantees. Backed by the claims-paying ability of Ameritas Life.
  • Death Benefit. Your beneficiary will receive a death benefit equal to the accumulation value, perhaps without going through probate, thus preserving your family’s privacy and avoiding probate costs. If your spouse is your beneficiary upon your death, he or she may choose to take ownership of your contract and continue to receive the benefits of tax deferral.
  • Flexibility. You can control the frequency and dollar amount of your contributions by either making a single contribution, or smaller periodic contributions using an automatic monthly premium payment plan. You also have the ability to withdrawal 10% of the policy value without surrender charge each year after the first year.***

Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) Rider

Protect your retirement assets from market downturns, and help eliminate the risk of outliving your retirement income with a guaranteed source of income for as long as you live–regardless of your policy value. For more information, please refer to the GLWB Rider Client brochure.

Getting Started

Your insurance and financial representative can provide more information and can assist you in obtaining a Compass Index Annuity to help meet your needs. For more information see our product brochure.


*Equity indexed annuities not securities; you are not investing in stocks or in the index itself. Therefore, credited interest does not include dividends paid by companies included in the relevant index. May not be available in all states.
**Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.
*** Withdrawals from tax-deferred annuities are taxed as ordinary income. For individuals less than age 591⁄2, IRS Penalties may apply. Withdrawals from IRAs or other qualified plans must be sufficient to meet minimum distribution requirements beginning at age 701⁄2.

Compass Index Annuity (Form 2704 10-11) and Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider (form GLWBIA) are issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. in approved states. Policy, rider, and features may not be available in all states.

Standard & Poor’s 500™ Index is comprised of 500 stocks representing major U.S. industrial sectors. S&P 500® and Standard & Poor’s 500™ are trademarks of Standard & Poor’s and have been licensed for use by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. The product is not sponsored, endorsed, s