Investment Options

Now that you’ve made a decision to purchase a variable annuity or variable life insurance policy, your next question will be, “What investment options do I have to choose from?” With the variable products issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., you can choose from a broad selection of quality investment options from some of the most respected fund management companies in the industry. Please see the product prospectus or application for details about the investment options available with your product. Also, share classes of the investment options listed may vary by product.

Fund Prospectuses  |  Reports

The Alger Portfolios
Alger Balanced  |  Report
Alger Capital Appreciation  |  Report
Alger Large Cap Growth  |  Report
Alger Mid Cap Growth  |  Report
Alger Small Cap Growth  |  Report 

American Century Investments
American Century VP Income & Growth  |  Report
American Century VP Mid Cap Value  |  Report
Calvert Investments*
Calvert VP EAFE International Index  |  Report 
Calvert VP Inflation Protected Plus  |  Report
Calvert VP Investment Grade Bond Index  |  Report
Calvert VP Nasdaq 100 Index  |  Report
Calvert VP Natural Resources  |  Report
Calvert VP Russell 2000 Small Cap Index  |  Report
Calvert VP S&P 500 Index  |  Report
Calvert VP S&P MidCap 400 Index  |  Report 
Calvert VP SRI Balanced  |  Report
Calvert VP SRI Large Cap Value  |  Report 
Calvert VP SRI Mid Cap Growth**  |  Report
Calvert VP Volatility Managed Growth  |  Report
Calvert VP Volatility Managed Moderate  |  Report
Calvert VP Volatility Managed Moderate Growth  |  Report

Dreyfus Investment Portfolios
Dreyfus MidCap Stock  |  Report
Dreyfus Stock Index  |  Report  
DWS Investments
DWS Capital Growth VIP  |  Report
DWS Equity 500 Index VIP  |  Report
DWS Global Growth VIP  |  Report
DWS Small Mid Cap Value VIP  |  Report
DWS Small Cap Index VIP  |  Report 

Fidelity® Variable Insurance Products
Fidelity® VIP Asset ManagerSM  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Asset Manager: Growth®  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Contrafund®  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Equity-Income  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Growth  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP High Income  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Investment Grade Bond  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Mid Cap  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Money Market  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Overseas  |  Report
Fidelity® VIP Strategic Income  |  Report
Franklin Templeton Variable Insurance Products Trust
FTVIPT Franklin Income VIP  |  Report
FTVIPT Templeton Foreign VIP  |  Report 
FTVIPT Templeton Global Bond VIP  |  Report 
Alps Variable Investment Trust
Ibbotson Balanced ETF Asset Allocation  |  Report
Ibbotson Growth ETF Asset Allocation  |  Report
Ibbotson Income and Growth ETF Asset Allocation  |  Report

Invesco Variable Insurance Funds
Invesco V.I. Global Core Equity  |  Report
Invesco V.I. Global Real Estate  |  Report
Invesco V.I. International Growth  | Report
Invesco V.I. Mid Cap Growth  |  Report
Invesco V.I. Small Cap Equity  |  Report

Ivy Funds Variable Insurance Portfolios
Ivy Funds VIP Science and Technology  |  Report
MFS® Variable Insurance Trust
MFS® New Discovery  |  Report
MFS® Research International  |  Report
MFS® Total Return  |  Report
MFS® Utilities  |  Report
MFS® Value  |  Report
MFS® Variable Insurance Trust II
MFS® Strategic Income  |  Report
Neuberger Berman Advisers Management Trust
Neuberger Berman AMT Growth  |  Report
Neuberger Berman AMT Guardian  |  Report
Neuberger Berman AMT Large Cap Value  |  Report
Neuberger Berman AMT Mid Cap Intrinsic Value  |  Report
Neuberger Berman AMT Short Duration Bond  |  Report  
Oppenheimer Variable Account Funds
Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation/VA  |  Report
Oppenheimer Discovery Mid-Cap Growth/VA  |  Report
Oppenheimer Global Fund/VA  |  Report
Oppenheimer Global Strategic Income/VA  |  Report
Oppenheimer Main Street®/VA  |  Report

PIMCO Variable Insurance Trust
PIMCO Low Duration  |  Report
PIMCO Total Return  |  Report
T. Rowe Price Equity Series, Inc.
T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth  |  Report
T. Rowe Price Equity Income  |  Report
Third Avenue Variable Series Trust
Third Avenue Value  |  Report
The Universal Institutional Funds, Inc.
UIF Emerging Markets Equity  |  Report
UIF Global Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolio  |  Report
UIF U.S. Real Estate  |  Report
Van Eck VIP Trust
Van Eck Global Hard Assets   |  Report

* Calvert Investment Management, Inc. (Calvert) is the advisor of the Calvert Variable Products (Calvert VP) portfolios. Calvert is an affiliate of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. Each company is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations.

**This portfolio is no longer available as an investment option and is closed to new investments.