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Some clients of Ameritas Investment Corp. have been doing business with our public finance bankers for more than 25 years. This is a testament to the importance placed on lasting trust and enduring relationships. Our professionals serve clients on an ongoing basis, from the earliest stage of the planning process to the issuance of the bond. In addition, our investment bankers work cooperatively with clients to help develop cost-effective financing plans.

Brad Slaughter

Assistant VP, Public Finance

Bruce Lefler

VP, Public Finance

Dallas Watkins

VP, Public Finance

Jay Spearman

VP, Public Finance

John Trecek

VP, Public Finance

Marc Munford

VP, Public Finance

Rich Harman

VP, Public Finance

Scott Keene

VP and Managing Director, Public Finance


When acting as an underwriter, AIC is not acting as a Municipal Advisor.  The information contained herein is not a recommendation; not intended as advice; and not subject to a fiduciary duty pursuant to Section 15B of the Exchange Act.  As an underwriter, AIC and its representatives are acting in AIC's interest.  Please consult your own advisors or experts, as you deem appropriate, before acting on this information or material.

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