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Building relationships, fulfilling life

Our associates are the most important element of our story, and each one has taken a different journey to get where they are.  Fulfilling life can mean different things and sharing those stories are important.  

Each story is important - and every associate is important.  

See what fulfills the lives of some of our associates. 

Ruinan Lu
Corporate Actuarial

"Ameritas allows me to THRIVE in that it is a well-structured organization, and everyone is willing to help others with the expertise they have gained so that people can grow together.  Besides, Ameritas offers each associate with generous volunteer time each year - more than any company that I know of.  I'm proud that Ameritas is well known within our community."

Information Technology

At Ameritas, we work closely together with a common Mission and Vision to fulfill our customer's and our associate's lives. With the strong foundation of Ameritas in our industries, it provides the security to our investments and PEACE of mind to our futures."

Stacy Grof
Marketing Communications Specialist

For me, what makes me HAPPY on the job is found in the day-to-day things at Ameritas. A good conversation with a co-worker. Your manager congratulating you on a job well done. The little things matter.

We believe it's important for you to know Ameritas values its associates. We work hard, but, we also play hard. Not only do we give you the resources to be successful in your position, as you can see with the Ameritas total rewards, we also try to make sure you have fun with the people you work with every day!

Meet your coworkers

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