Your Future Your Growth

your future, your growth

We believe leadership is an art.  Intellectual curiosity, innovation and awareness are critical to defining the steps to success.  Great leaders are people who lead by example, regardless of their title, and possess the skills to mediate, negotiate and motivate others in any setting. 

Each year, leaders are invited to participate in the Ameritas Leadership Academy.  This unique leadership and strengths building event provides our current and future leaders with the opportunity to build on their existing talents as well as gain further insight into our industry and organization.  

Ongoing growth and development is a demonstration of the desire to build and grow potential – personally and organizationally.  We support our associates, at all levels by providing the tools they need to reach that potential.  As our customers grow, we believe in the value of growing with them.  At Ameritas, fulfilling life isn't just about our customers, it's about our associates, too.

Educational Assistance

Our future is only as strong as our associates. Continuing education support provides the opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities through education for your professional development.  Whether you're pursuing your undergraduate degree, or seeking the next level of your educational aspirations, Ameritas supports you on that journey.

Your Future Your Career

Professional Certifications

Ameritas encourages associates, at all levels, to improve their knowledge of financial services and insurance through relevant industry certification, designation and licensing programs.  Networking, maintaining the most up-to-date information and participating in industry specific programs allows for both our associates and Ameritas to support our mission to it's fullest.

Your Future Your Growth

Personal Development

The Ameritas Resource Library offers you many books, videos, and audio resources that will help you to grow not only professionally, but, personally as well.  This library is continuously updated with new and relevant material to help you improve on the skills that are important to you. 

Leadership Development

Along with our Resource Library, our Training & Development team provides ongoing, relevant courses in management, leadership and organizational development. The skills and competencies reinforced in these development opportunities directly align with core enterprise competencies for success. 

Great Leader Program

Associates are key to our company’s success, and talented supervisors and managers are critical to ensuring that each associate is able to fully realize his or her potential. Participants in the Great Leader Program are encouraged to recognize, analyze and develop their leadership skills, and are equipped with strategies to help them succeed as leaders. Likewise, many of the Programs are offered to individuals that aspire to be leaders within the organization, and this is an excellent way to get started on their journey.  The Great Leader program includes core courses that cover the company’s leadership philosophy, and elective courses that build management skills and inspire positive change in the workplace.

Ameritas Leadership Academy

Even “seasoned” leaders need encouragement and ongoing opportunities for growth. Developed in partnership with nationally recognized leaders in multiple industries, this program provides our leadership team opportunities to develop specific leadership competencies, gain knowledge about the entire organization, network with peers, develop greater self awareness and learn through first-time experiences in order to develop their leadership potential.

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