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Employee Benefits for Nonprofits: Taking Care of the Caregivers

Jun 13, 2017 | Customer Stories, Disability Income, Employee Benefits, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans

Access Health Louisiana (AHL) is a nonprofit healthcare network of more than 20 clinical sites in southern Louisiana. It’s the largest network of Federally Qualified Health Centers in the state and offers comprehensive medical, behavioral and dental health care to individuals and families in Greater New Orleans and beyond. Specifically, AHL is focused on providing quality, affordable and convenient comprehensive primary care at inner-city clinics to people who have difficulty accessing health care.

“Louisiana is the 50th state in the union in terms of health status of the population,” explained Mark Keiser, founder and CEO of Access Health Louisiana. “We have the least heathy population in this state and that needs to be addressed, but we had very limited resources to address that with. We came up with a plan to develop what are called Federally Qualified Health Centers to replace public health units. It would be a combination of public health service and comprehensive primary care to improve the health status of the population in the local communities. That was really the foundational idea for what is today Access Health Louisiana.”

Despite the need in the community, Access Health Louisiana struggled with healthcare recruitment. Many practitioners left AHL to meet their own financial needs at other healthcare organizations that could provide more employee benefits. The turnover made it difficult to consistently deliver quality patient care in high-need areas in Southern Louisiana.

That’s where Keith Gillies and his team at Wealth Solutions, LLC – a United Wealth Advisors Group, LLC affiliate – came in.

“Mark came to us with a puzzle,” said Keith. “Together, our teams were able to put the puzzle together to come up with a comprehensive package, from start to finish, on recruiting and retaining providers.”

Keith’s team created a total employee benefits strategy to help with recruiting and employee retention strategies. Their goal was to create such a strong employee benefits package at AHL that the team members would want to stay. Their strategy focused on employee benefits for nonprofits with diverse options from Ameritas, including life insurance, disability income insurance and retirement plans.

By offering a robust lineup of employee benefits, AHL can take great care of their caregivers. That means they’re able to attract and retain a top-notch team. A significant amount of money formerly was spent replacing staff. That savings is now re-directed to better care for patients and public health service.

AHL patients also gain another great advantage — consistency in their care. Lower staff turnover means patients can see the same doctors and health care professionals for long-term health management. The result is a real, positive impact on the health and lives of the community.

Ameritas is proud to be a part of this fulfilling life story.