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401(k) retirement plans

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a 401(k) retirement plan?
Who can establish a 401(k) plan?
How does a 401(k) plan work?
What are pretax contributions?
What are Roth contributions?
How much can I contribute per year?
Can I make catch-up contributions?
How are my contributions made?
When must my company invest my contributions?
What is a company match?
Can I change or stop my contributions?
Can I access my money in an emergency?
Can I borrow money from my 401(k) retirement plan?
How does taking a loan affect the value of my account?
How will I know the value of my 401(k) retirement plan?
Will my Social Security benefits be affected by my 401(k) plan distributions?
Can I contribute to an IRA and to my company 401(k) plan?
What happens to my 401(k) plan money if I leave my current employer?
When do I have to start taking money from my 401(k) plan?
What happens to my 401(k) retirement plan if I die?

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