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your future, your growth

Intellectual curiosity, innovation and awareness are critical to your success and our organization's success. We believe leaders are people who lead by example and possess skills to motivate others in any setting.

At Ameritas, investing in the growth of our associates is mission critical. The Ameritas Leadership Academy is dedicated to developing our future leaders. Every year a select group of individuals are invited to attend this unique collaboration of strength building with other leaders within the organization. This event provides the opportunity to expand their existing talents while gaining more insight into our industry and our company.

Educational Assistance

Our future success is secured by investing in the education and development of our associates. By supporting your ongoing educational growth, we provide you the opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and education. Whether you choose to pursue an undergraduate degree, or have decided to take your education to the next level - Ameritas believes in supporting you on that journey.

Your Future Your Career

Professional Certifications

Networking, connections and maintaining the most up-to-date designations and licenses is important to us. It provides the assurance to our customers that they are interacting with professional, competent, certified professionals.  Ameritas encourages all associates to improve their knowledge in their chosen career path through industry certification, designation and licensing programs.

Your Future Your Growth

Personal Development

The Ameritas training and development teams are committed to the growth of all associates. By utilizing mentors, training professionals and extensive resources, our dedicated teams strive to provide ongoing developmental courses and information in management, leadership and business knowledge. These skills and competencies are reinforced through the use of individual development plans and are at the core of your success in meeting the needs of our customers.   

Great Leader Program

We believe that the achievements of our associates is a critical component to our success. Talented supervisors and managers provide the foundation to ensure each associate is able to fully realize his or her potential. The Great Leader Program is designed to encourage, recognize and develop management skills of our future leaders. Our training and development team provides skills to help equip associates with strategies and knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

Many of these unique programs are offered to associates who are pursuing growth opportunities within the organization. These core classes cover the organization's management and customer service philosophies, as well as building management skills to drive associate engagement, innovation and change.

Ameritas Leadership Academy

Even the most seasoned leaders need encouragement and opportunities to grow. This customized, strategically designed program was developed in partnership with nationally recognized leaders. Most of all, Ameritas recognizes that regardless of their level, our associates deserve the freedom to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness through first-hand experiences. Ameritas believes that those with influence within our organization need the opportunity to connect, developing competencies and gain knowledge about the organization, and network with their peers.  

We believe in this - we believe in you. We are Ameritas - proud to be in the business of fulfilling life.


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Your Future, Your Growth
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