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Our people are our future

We believe in providing learning opportunities to introduce talented individuals to our businesses and culture. Internships are an essential element of our future. They provide the opportunity for us to recruit and develop the best candidates to support our mission, vision and values.

Our emphasis is on identifying candidates early in their college career for internships and potentially for full-time, long-term careers following graduation.

Internships provide students an opportunity to confirm their chosen career goals and start their future early. Here are a few of our associates who began their career path as interns at Ameritas.

Sarah Weber
Actuarial Assistant
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

"Ameritas offered me a variety of experiences that really helped me see how a company functions.  Every person I worked with genuinely wanted to help me learn. Not only did they help me understand the task I was given, they helped me see how my small contribution affected the whole. Even when I get stuck in my own bubble, I am able to draw on my internship experiences to remember there are so many different perspectives from which to look at the same information."

Brad Slaughter
Assistant Vice President
Ameritas Investment Corp.

"Ameritas integrates intern candidates into the company's operations. This helps each intern better apply his or her skills and education in a real life setting. Through this process, both parties benefit. Ameritas gave me an opportunity as an intern to continue to grow my experience and knowledge of business operations."

Ameritas supports our local high schools, colleges and universities. We participate in career fairs, mock interviewing, onsite interviews, job shadowing and speaking opportunities.  

Search for Internships

Ameritas has internship opportunities throughout the organization throughout the year. Click on the link above and search for "internships" or the specific area you're interested in.  

Along with the benefit of an internship to a student, our managers are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with future leaders.

Kacey Stover

Kasey, HR business partner - "Interns create a valuable partnership in which Ameritas learns and grows from the interns we hire. In the IT department, our interns are an essential ingredient to our mix. They add new ideas, energy and innovation that will help us reach our goals."

Lynn Friesen

Lynn, director of individual product support, actuary - "The various actuarial departments use interns to bring technical skills for a day-to-day impact on our projects. We offer hands-on experiences for those interested in actuarial science. This gives the intern and the company a more in-depth exposure to each other."

Ameritas offers a variety of internships, depending on the needs of the lines of business. Ameritas opportunities include:

Rotational Internship     Our rotational internships are generally 18 to 24 months and focus on students going into their junior year of college. These internships are for a specific job function within a line of business (e.g., finance, legal, marketing). With exposure to different areas, the program prepares students for increasing responsibility through a combination of rotational assignments, structured learning, formalized feedback and mentoring. Interns have the benefit of interaction with senior leaders and participate in various key initiatives in various areas.

Summer Internship    Unique, short-term opportunities reinforce interns' career direction and educational goals.

Project Internship   Internships can provide the foundation for a future career with the organization, especially as projects evolve. Project internships can provide students with specific, career-focused experience.

Job Fit   Sometimes you may not be sure you've made the right decision in your career pursuits. Until you actually try the job, you may never know. Internships give you the real-life experience that can reinforce the passion you believe you have, or it will help you avoid years of training for the wrong career.

Essential Experience    Having an internship on your resume is a critical piece to ensuring that future. Employers take an interest. Even if the internships is a short-term opportunity, it could make the difference in getting an interview in your future career field.

Networking    The greatest resource we have are the experienced professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with an intern. Some things simply can't be learned from a book.

College Credit or Certification   Many college programs allow interns to apply for college credit as well as the opportunity to meet program certification requirements based on the experience.  

If you're interested in talking to one of our Human Resources Coordinators, please contact us with your questions.


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