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Safety and growth potential

To live life to its fullest you have to be financially prepared. At Ameritas, we believe it’s possible to be prepared for retirement. And annuities can help.

Imagine having the safety of principal with the opportunity to grow your money. You can have both with an index annuity—a product designed to give you the potential for growth without the risks of being invested in the stock market.

Upside Potential

Your policy can build cash value over time to help you be ready for life’s opportunities or obstacles. The cash value accumulation of an index annuity is linked, in part, to the performance of your choice of three equity indexes or the fixed interest rate of a fixed account. If you prefer, you can even choose a combination of the index account or fixed account.

No matter which option you select, all of your earnings will grow tax-deferred, which means you won’t pay income taxes until you make a withdrawal. At that time your withdrawals will be taxed as ordinary income. If you are younger than age 59½ when you make a withdrawal, an IRS penalty tax may apply.

Downside Protection

Although an index annuity provides the potential for interest accumulation linked, in part, to a fixed index, you’re not directly investing in stocks or the index itself so you won’t receive dividends, but you have protection. Your annuity’s account value is protected from market loss. It is guaranteed never to decrease because of market volatility or index performance.

Living life to its fullest takes some financial preparation. Only an annuity can offer upside potential with downside protection and guarantees you an income you cannot outlive. Learn more by contacting a financial professional and reviewing the product materials.

Ameritas Accumulation 7 Index Annuity Download PDF

Compass Index Annuity Download PDF

In approved states, Compass Index Annuity (form 2704) is issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. Policy, riders, and features may not be available in all states


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