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provider FAQ

Can your insured members receive services from any provider or must I be in the Ameritas dental network?
Will you send benefit payments directly to the provider?
Am I a participating provider in the PPO network?
My patient needs a referral to another dental provider. Any suggestions?
How do I obtain patient benefit information?
Do you require preauthorizations or pretreatment estimates?
How do I obtain claims status information or a copy of an Explanation of Payment (EOP)?
Do you accept electronic claims submission and electronic attachments?
What is your Payor ID number for electronic claims submission?
What is your fax number for claims submission?
What is your mailing address for claims submission?
Do you accept standard ADA claim forms?
When should I submit x-ray films, charting and other supporting documentation?
Who do I contact about a tax statement, withholding or B-notice?
Ameritas Dental Network
Does Ameritas lease its dental network?
Is this a capitation/dental DHMO program?
How can I find benefit information for a patient and/or if the patient has the Ameritas PPO benefit?
How will I get paid for my services?
Am I expected to accept assignment of benefits?
How will insured members know I participate on the Ameritas network?
How often is the directory updated?
Can your insured members receive benefits from any provider or must they see a network provider?
What should be done if an insured member needs a specialist?
Who do I contact about becoming a member of the Ameritas dental network?
Am I automatically accepted onto the network after completing the appropriate paperwork?
How will I know if I am a Network Provider?
How do I obtain a current list of contract fees?
How often are contracted fees reviewed?
What types of benefit programs do you offer network providers?
Who can I contact with questions about the network program?
What are my obligations to arrange for emergency coverage and routine appointments?
Electronic Claims
What are the advantages of electronic claims submission?
What do I need to submit electronic claims?
Who do I contact with questions about electronic claims submission?
Provider FAQ
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