Life Insurance Story SD Ameritas 2015 Annual Report

protecting the promise of the future

Life is unpredictable and often too short. Ignacio McGuire knew this and worked hard to protect his family’s future. He was determined to give his wife, Rosalva, and their three children every opportunity to fulfill their lives and follow their dreams.

Like many other young Mexicans holding dual citizenship, Ignacio knew the U.S. military offered great training opportunities, so he enlisted in the Army. Once discharged, he returned to Mexico, living in Tijuana with his family while working in San Diego as a draftsman and a software animation designer. Even though his family was content, Ignacio and Rosalva knew that living in California would be more convenient and open another world of opportunities. So in 2004, they moved across the border to Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego.

The McGuires settled into their new lives. Daughter Ashley started college and her younger brothers enjoyed public school. Ignacio’s work was steady and Rosalva took care of everything else. Things were going as planned – even better

Then one day in February 2011, a urinary infection sent Ignacio to the hospital, where he underwent treatment. Five days later, the unthinkable happened. In the blink of an eye, Ignacio was gone; not from the urinary infection, but from a pulmonary embolism that was discovered during the autopsy. Suddenly the McGuire’s world changed forever.

Rosalva was frightened: What will happen to us now? Will Ashley be able to finish college? Will our boys have the same opportunities? Should I get another job? Do we need to move back to Mexico? There were many questions and so few answers.

One thing Rosalva did know, though, was that Ameritas field partner Steve Ambrosini was their longtime financial advisor, so she asked Ashley to reach out to him. Steve had very good news – Ignacio had been looking out for his family.

According to Ashley, “Steve said, ‘You guys just do the things you need to do, and I’ll take care of this.’ I realized . . . I’m good, we’re good. I can go back to college. I don’t have to drop out to care for my family. Dad took care of us.”

In 1999, Ignacio acquired an Ameritas life insurance policy. A few years later Steve’s firm took over the account from a retiring agent. Steve first met with Ignacio in 2005, and over the next six years, developed a strong advisory relationship with Ignacio. They met regularly to coordinate the family’s insurance and investments, discussing strategies to protect and build wealth to meet future needs.

Today, the McGuires continue to enjoy life. Rosalva is considering moving into a house of her own. Her oldest son is planning to enlist in the Air Force and the younger son is still in school. And, Ashley has achieved her dream of working as a software engineer

Ignacio would be proud.

“I feel very good about this,” says Steve. “We’re taking care of this young family and fulfilled Ignacio’s wish for their security. It’s why he and I did all that planning and why I feel close to this family today. Rosalva will be comfortable for the rest of her life, and that's what Ignacio wanted.”

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