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securing a lasting legacy

For Kevin and Remi Hahn, life was very good. They found each other in the heart of Manhattan, fell in love and quickly became inseparable. They married and, five years later, were looking for the perfect place to raise a growing family. The couple had high hopes that two-year-old Olivia would soon have a little brother or sister.

Things were changing quickly – this wasn’t just about them anymore. Remi knew the time had come to think about life insurance. Dave Fazzini, Kevin’s brother-in-law and their financial advisor, had been talking with Kevin about insurance for a year or more. His persistence, and Remi’s new sense of urgency, now led to a decision to invest in life insurance. Coverage was soon in place and the Hahns could relax a bit, knowing they were prepared for anything.

Or so it seemed. The very next year, Kevin, at age 41, was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive form of cancer. The next five years would be a constant battle, filled with surgeries and setbacks, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. However, with the support of an equally brave wife, Kevin lived each day the same way he always had – joyfully and to the fullest. They were now restoring a nice house on two wooded acres in the southwest corner of Connecticut. Kevin continued to work at his banking job.

Best of all, George was born.

For Kevin, though, things got tougher. He knew he was already defying impossibly long odds, but through it all, he remained immensely upbeat. Kevin was determined to participate in everything and to create as many pleasant memories as possible. And that’s what he did, until he simply couldn’t do it anymore. Kevin died in the summer of 2009, two weeks after he and Remi celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

As Dave Fazzini advises clients about life insurance, he thinks about the Hahns and what might have been. “Losing a parent at a young age is devastating and kids deserve every opportunity to grow up and live a normal life. This is just so important.”

“Our expenses were significant, even with health insurance,” explains Remi. “After Kevin passed, his Ameritas policy helped pay off medical bills and other expenses. With that policy, we could stay in the home he and I built together. I could work as a preschool teacher, a job I love, and still have time for the kids. Olivia and George enjoy all the things Kevin wanted for them – piano and art lessons, tennis, skiing, field hockey, baseball. They have educational opportunities that would otherwise have been out of the question.”

Dave likes to talk about the best part of his job. “It’s great to see a family start the healing process, free from large financial burdens. It’s why I do what I do. Everything worked the way it should and now there’s a happy ending to this story. That’s as good as it gets.”

“Our experience with cancer taught us what’s important in life,” says Remi. “Ameritas kept their promise and protected our family when we needed it most. Knowing that his loved ones would be secure no matter what… that gave Kevin great peace of mind.”

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