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Life insurance can help in Estate Planning

Life insurance death benefits may help by paying off debt and providing a lump sum of cash from which your family can draw in the event of your death. Life insurance death benefits can also replace your lost income either in a lump sum death benefit or payable as a guaranteed monthly income.

Planning for Your Estate with a Blended Family

Life insurance can help you provide your children from a prior marriage with an inheritance even if you leave your other assets to your current spouse.

Solve the Need for Cash and Liquidity to Settle an Estate

Your estate might have assets and family treasures that heirs may not wish to sell to pay expenses or that are not easily sold due to their unique nature. These may include the family home, farm or ranch, artwork, collectibles and more. Life insurance can be used to provide the necessary liquidity to pay the expenses associated with your estate settlement costs.

Life Stages


Life Insurance

Life will never be free from uncertainty. But when uncertainty is minimized, life can be maximized. Our products help individuals, families and businesses protect what matters most.

Dental Vision & Hearing

We provide quality dental, vision and hearing care plans to over 5.4 million people that fit their specific needs.

Disability Income

The ability to work and earn a living makes everything else possible. It’s your most valuable asset. Your income earning potential can be protected with disability income insurance.


We offer a wide range of products and services geared to help you reach your unique financial goals.


Are you concerned about outliving your income? Investing in an annuity can make it possible for you to receive income in the future.

Planning My Estate
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