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bond underwriting

Our highly experienced public finance team of bankers and administrators’ collective knowledge and expertise demonstrate value to our clients in preparing for public bond issuance. For example, as part of your project team, we can help resolve difficult structuring and tax issues that are inherent in financing of national, regional, state and local projects. When public finance brings bond issues to the market, the bonds are underwritten by Ameritas Investment Corp.

Bond issues include:

  • General obligation bonds
  • Revenue bonds
  • Refunding bonds
  • Tax-exempt and taxable bonds
  • Tax anticipation notes
  • Bond anticipation notes
  • Construction notes
  • Lease/purchase obligations
  • Insured municipals
  • Sanitary improvement districts


When acting as an underwriter, Ameritas Investment Corp. (AIC) is not acting as a Municipal Advisor. The information contained herein is not a recommendation, not intended as advice and not subject to a fiduciary duty pursuant to Section 15B of the Exchange Act. As an underwriter, AIC and its representatives are acting in AIC's interest.  Please consult your own advisors or experts as you deem appropriate before acting on this information or material.

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Bond Underwriting
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