Variable Annuities

Prepare for the Future

At Ameritas, we believe it’s possible to be prepared for retirement. Variable annuities can help you get there. They provide growth potential and can be a guaranteed source of income. They can be an integral part of your long-term retirement planning strategy, helping you prepare for your financial future.

Growth Potential

When planning for your financial future, growth is important. You want your assets to grow so they can keep up with inflation over the long haul. A variable annuity provides the potential for cash accumulation from investment options.

These investment option portfolios are managed by respected names in the mutual fund industry. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose any number and combination of investment options and money managers to suit your goals and risk tolerance — all within the convenience of one product. Of course, investing does include the risk of loss, including principal.

A variable annuity is tax-deferred. This means you do not pay taxes on earnings that accumulate in your policy until you withdraw it. So the money you would have paid in taxes each year continues to work for you.

Income Source

When you are ready, a variable annuity can be annuitized to a guaranteed stream of income. An annuity can provide you with income that’s guaranteed to last as long as you live.

A variable annuity can be a sophisticated financial tool. Working together, you and your financial professional may be able to tailor your policy to help meet your important goals.

For more information about variable annuities, including costs, contact your financial professional who can help you decide if a Direction Variable Annuity from Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., is right for you. The product brochure also provides more information. Learn more by reviewing the product material and contact a financial professional.

In approved states, Direction Variable Annuity (form 6200) is a variable annuity issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and underwritten by its affiliate Ameritas Investment Company, LLC. Variable annuities are suitable for long-term investing and are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal. Not available in New York.

Before investing, carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information about the policy issuer and underlying investment options. This information can be found in the policy and investment option prospectuses. You can obtain copies on this website or by calling 800-745-1112. Read the prospectuses carefully before investing.

Policy, riders and features may vary and may not be available in all states. For detailed information about policy and optional feature costs, limitations and restrictions, please refer to the policy and prospectus.