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Welcome! Let’s help you find the dental or vision provider that’s right for you.

We maintain one of the nation’s largest dental networks and are always expanding. Through our vision plans, we offer you access to two of the biggest names in vision: VSP and EyeMed.

Find a Dental Provider

There are two ways to find a network dental provider.

Find a Network Dental Provider Online


Call toll-free at: 800-487-5553

We have extended weekday hours to find yourself a local dental network provider.

Outside normal business hours, you can request a dental network provider list through this number using our automated voice response system.

Call this number any time to request a Colorado Dental Network Access Plan and find out more about the network standards and procedures Ameritas uses to ensure provider access.

Find out what a specific procedure could cost when visiting an out-of-network general dentist in your ZIP Code. For in-network costs, sign in to your account.

Find a Vision Provider

Start by selecting your insurance network or plan. If you’re unsure of your network or plan, you can refer to your ID card.


Find VSP Providers

Visit to find a VSP provider in your area or to create a secure online member account to manage your vision benefits. Your VSP vision provider can confirm your coverage level, network, and benefits before you make any purchase.

VSP offers two nationwide networks — Signature and Choice.

Some VSP plans allow you to receive network benefits through several popular retail chains including VisionWorks® and CostCo® Optical. When scheduling an appointment with a VSP provider, be sure to mention you have VSP coverage prior to receiving services.

For more information, contact your employer or call 800-877-7195.


Find EyeMed Providers

Visit to to find an EyeMed provider in your area or to create a secure online member account to manage your vision benefits.

To confirm which plan you are enrolled in, and which network you have access to, compare your ID card to those below.

EyeMed Insight Network

EyeMed Access Network

Be sure to confirm the provider’s participation prior to receiving services.

EyeMed offers a national network of optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and access to many leading optical retailers such as LensCrafers® and Target Optical®.

For more information, contact your employer or call EyeMed at 866-289-0614.

Discount Program

When scheduling an appointment with an EyeMed provider, be sure to confirm the provider participates in the discount program prior to receiving services.

Vision Perfect® or Fusion

Find Vision Perfect® or Fusion Providers

Compare your ID card to the one below to verify that you are enrolled in the Vision Perfect® or Fusion plan.

Vision Perfect (front of card)

Vision Perfect (back of card)

If you’re insured under a Vision Perfect or Fusion plan with an EyeMed network discount, you may choose to visit any vision provider. However, if you visit an EyeMed network provider, you may receive eyewear and services at reduced costs.

For more information you can contact your benefits administrator or call 800-255-4931.

Providers Outside the USA

Have a dental or vision service need while you’re outside the USA? Call AXA Assistance USA, Inc. (AXA) at 866-662-2731 (toll free) or 312-935-3727 (collect call) for a referral. Dental providers referred by AXA are not members of the Ameritas Dental Network. Referral to an AXA provider is not a guarantee of benefits, and all policy provisions and limitations would apply.

Note: These provider referral assistance services are independently offered and administered by AXA. Ameritas and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York and its affiliates and subsidiaries do not participate in the selection of these dental and vision service providers and do not oversee or monitor AXA’s performance of these services. Additionally, Ameritas and Ameritas of New York do not warrant or guarantee or make any representation as to the quality of the services provided by AXA or by any dental or vision service provider referred by AXA.

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