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Community Impact

Helping people get more out of life. We call it fulfilling life. It’s our mission, and it’s bigger than our business. It envelops every community where there’s an Ameritas presence.

We volunteer with school and community programs and help lead nonprofit groups and local events. Our associates get eight hours per month of paid time off for volunteering.

And we give about $1.5 million annually to local charities.

The spirit of giving symbolizes our mission and shows how we serve our communities with purpose.

Boosting community wellness in five areas

Education & Training

Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop their gifts and share them with the world. Education increases career options and helps build more stable communities. That’s why educational institutions and training programs are our top priority. Our giving supports:

  • Tutoring and mentoring programs.
  • Capital improvements to enhance academic environments.
  • Financial literacy.

Arts & Culture

The most vibrant communities welcome all forms of artistic expression. Art gives voice to a diverse collection of artists and speaks to audiences of all backgrounds. Our arts and culture giving focuses on:

  • Educational efforts focusing on creativity.
  • Diversity and inclusion programming.
  • Museums, performances and other ways of bringing art to more people.

Health-Related Services

Life has ups and downs. Our mission to help people get more out of life applies to all circumstances, including the toughest ones. Our giving to health-related services assists those who are:

  • Funding research for cures.
  • Dealing with chronic diseases.
  • Providing mental-health services.
  • Healing and working toward a better future.


We’re committed to protecting the valuable resources in our care and growing them responsibly. We support similar efforts in the community. Because doing the right things — and doing things right — is good for everyone. Our giving goes to organizations involved in:

  • Civic and economic development.
  • Training tomorrow’s community leaders.
  • Activities that foster community involvement.

Financial Stability

Financial stability is critical to a fulfilling life and to a thriving community. So we consider it an extension of our mission to help people get financial assistance and other aid when they need it. Our giving supports organizations that provide:

  • Help with food scarcity and other daily needs.
  • Access to financial training such as classes for first-time home buyers.
  • Services for individuals, families and communities in greatest need.

One nonprofit that unites us all

The United Way is a world-wide organization with a local focus on education, income and health. Its mission aligns with our fulfilling life mission and giving strategy. Over the years our organizations have built a special partnership.

  • We conduct United Way pledge drives in four cities in three states.
  • In Lincoln, Nebraska, we’re a Pacesetter company that conducts its pledge drive earlier in the year to give the public campaign a big head start.
  • Many Ameritas officers have chaired Lincoln’s public campaign, and many associates serve on United Way committees.

Giving guidelines

Our community donations come from three sources:

  • Corporate gifts of $5,000 and less to local nonprofits that share our goals.
  • Matching gifts up to $500 that double the impact of qualifying donations made by associates.
  • The Ameritas Charitable Foundation, which prioritizes higher education and makes larger investments in communities with an Ameritas presence.

IMPORTANT: Before submitting a request for funding, please read the Rules to give by section below. Then send your request to one of the email addresses also listed below.

Rules to give by
To be considered for funding, an organization, program, or event must comply with the Ameritas Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy.

Additionally, Ameritas will not consider funding for:

  • Gifts on behalf of an individual or a family.
  • Political, governmental, fraternal and labor groups.
  • Organizations that discriminate based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, family status, veteran status, disability or other characteristic protected by law.
  • Religious organizations, except for programs that support and are open to the entire community.
  • Programs and projects affiliated with individual schools. (Ameritas does support foundations that support schools at the district level.)
  • Activities that may represent a conflict of interest for Ameritas associates.
  • High school advertising opportunities.
  • Youth sports teams and other youth activities, such as pageants.
  • Most fundraising walks, runs, bicycle races or golf outings.

Where to send your funding request