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Dental, Vision and Hearing

Products and Services

When organizations want to offer the best dental and vision care benefits to attract and retain the best employees, they need look no further than Ameritas. Want to include hearing care benefits, too? No problem. We have the benefit plans that keep organizations like yours in the game by helping keep plan members and their loved ones happy. It all begins by fulfilling life. And that’s what we do best.

Customer Service

Get answers to your claims questions from award-winning claims representatives Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to Midnight and Friday from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Central Time. Languages spoken include English and Spanish in addition to multilingual interpretation through our language service.

  • We have been accredited by URAC, an independent, nonprofit organization, since 2008. URAC Health Utilization Management accreditation shows that an organization adheres to evidence-based review of services for claims that benefits both plan members and dental providers. URAC accreditation is a symbol of excellence showcasing a company’s validated commitment to quality and accountability.
  • Our claims contact center associates have earned BenchmarkPortal’s Center of Excellence award since 2006, an achievement held only by a handful of companies. A global leader in the contact center industry, BenchmarkPortal recognizes efficiency and effectiveness in providing customer communications, and maintains the largest database of contact center metrics in the world.
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Product Issuers and Distributors

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (Ameritas Life), group division, offers group dental, vision and hearing care products nationwide. In New York, products are offered through Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York (Ameritas of New York). Certain plan designs may not be available in all areas. In Texas, our networks and plans are referred to as the Ameritas Dental Network.

Traditional Tailored Indemnity

We offer a full line of traditional indemnity dental products that are made to order. Providing dental benefits for a wide range of needs is something we’re really good at. We specialize in it. And since customer needs always come first, that makes for a great fit.


Value Source® 

We think quality dental plans should be affordable. That’s why we offer Value Source, a plan that provides quality benefits at a reasonable price. With a combination of traditional benefits and savvy cost controls, we’ll help keep expenses in check.



With coverage options that center around good dental care basics, EssentialDental is designed to keep smiles healthy and costs low.


Managed Care/Provider Network

Our managed care dental products help to balance cost and member choice by tailoring a plan that fulfills your specific needs.


Dental Rewards® 

Wouldn’t it be great if members were rewarded for practicing good oral wellness? With Dental Reward’s increasing annual maximum feature, they are rewarded. Members who don’t use much of their annual max can qualify to carry some of those unused dollars forward for use in future years. That way, the money is there when they need it most.



We offer orthodontic benefits for children and adults. Add this feature to enhance your benefit package, and unleash the power of a great smile. Beautiful smiles and happy faces lead to achieving great things at work and in life.



Today’s consumer wants to look good and feel good. Include teeth whitening (bleaching) and tooth-color composites on molars with your dental plan. Plan members and their loved ones will thank you.



These voluntary plans offer members two dental procedure reimbursement levels with two corresponding premiums (high or low). All in one policy. Now that’s flexible.



Consider funding a core benefit with the option of buying up to a richer benefit. This way, employers can offer a base benefit, and plan members who want more can have it.


Dual Choice Option

We’ve been in the business of providing quality group benefits long enough to know that people have different needs. Our dual option plans give employers the freedom to offer members one plan with two choices. That way, they can choose the right coverage at the right price.


$ensible Choice® 

$ensible Choice bases reimbursement on the dollar amount of your plan member's expense for dental care -- not on benefit types or procedure categories. And, depending on your needs and goals, ASO and qualifying fully insured groups can choose whether to include a set of smart cost management tools that help keep benefit costs predictable and rates stable.



An employer doesn’t need a lot of money to provide competitive benefits. With our voluntary plans, they can offer cost-effective benefits while members choose individually whether to participate and cover the costs.


ASO (Administrative Services Only)

We’re here to help make your life easier. We provide simplicity for your self-funded benefit plans. As members’ claims come to us for processing, we pay the claims and then notify the employer of the cost each week. We’ve got you covered, one claim at a time.


Small Group Trust

We employ small group managers specifically for fulfilling the needs of smaller organizations. Wellness benefits such as dental and vision are not just for big corporations. Local family businesses and smaller groups need them too, and we’re here to help.


Vision Perfect®

We understand that when it comes to benefits, surprises are a bad thing. That's why we offer Vision Perfect. This plan is based on a schedule of benefits, so members will know exactly what's covered and what to expect. The plan also offers increasing annual benefits so members have more benefit dollars each year.



We do everything in our power to make sure you and your employees are satisfied. That includes offering Focus, our vision plans featuring the VSP® Signature and Choice networks. Choose a VSP vision provider for network savings and satisfaction.



Choice is a wonderful thing. So we created a complete vision portfolio that also features the EyeMed Vision Care® Access and Select nationwide vision provider networks. See what plan works best to fulfill your needs.


Exam or Materials Only

What if an employer already has a vision benefit, and just needs a little something to complement it? We offer vision exam only and vision materials only plans to fill these needs.


LASIK Advantage®

With LASIK Advantage, members can get benefits for a number of popular, well-established laser vision correction procedures. Benefits increase over time and can be added to virtually all of our dental and vision plans.



These voluntary plans offer members two vision procedure reimbursement levels with two corresponding premiums (high or low). All in one policy. Nice!



Consider funding a core benefit with the option of buying up to a richer benefit. This way, employers can offer a base benefit, and plan members who want more can have it.


Dual or Triple Choice

We offer dual and triple choice vision plans, allowing employers the option to select multiple vision products for members to choose from. There’s Vision Perfect, our own no-network reimbursement plan; Focus, featuring the VSP network; and ViewPointe, featuring the EyeMed network.


ASO (Administrative Services Only)

We keep things simple with your self-funded benefit plan. The same outstanding products and services that are available to our fully insured customers also are available to you on a per-capita basis. You pay the claims and leave the admin work to us.



Are benefit dollars tight? With our voluntary plans, the employer provides the vision benefit and members voluntarily sign up and pay for it.



Here we’ve got one brochure that includes our most popular vision plans, including rates. Choose from Vision Perfect, Focus or ViewPointe benefits. Contact your local Ameritas sales rep today and ask about this must-see brochure that's full of our top vision plans.


Fusion: The Ultimate Choice®

Members know their personal needs better than we do. That’s why we created Fusion, one plan featuring both dental and vision. Now, members gain control of their benefit dollars to help meet their family’s needs. Administrative cost savings are passed along, too.

Edge Dental and Vision

Created with the small group market in mind, this portfolio of canned plans includes the best of Ameritas’ dental and vision plan design elements. Simplicity is the name of the game with these plans. Individual dental plans also are available in the Edge Series.

Customers get everything they’ve come to expect from Ameritas, including the customer service excellence we’re famous for. Plus, there’s the added bonus of having a self-service broker/producer portal.


Thanks to the cranked-up volume of modern life, hearing loss is becoming a major health concern. It's striking at younger ages than ever before, and the problem is expected to grow. Our SoundCare coverage options for hearing exams, hearing aids and hearing aid maintenance are sound additions to a competitive benefits package.

Dental and Vision Plans

Those who can benefit from our individual plans include people who have no employer-sponsored coverage, such as seasonal and part-time workers or those entering retirement; membership organizations ineligible for group coverage; and people who are self-employed.

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Dental Cost Estimator

Do you want to know the average cost of a root canal? Or how much a crown costs? Use our dental cost estimator to find average procedure charges in your area. The estimates do not include network discounts or plan benefits.


After your coverage begins, you can view average in-network charges in your secure member account. You also may ask your dentist’s office to submit a pretreatment estimate so you can see exactly how a proposed service would be covered and avoid any surprises. The pretreatment estimate is based on your plan benefits.

Secure Member Account
Secure Member Account (NY)


Online/Electronic Services

Members and dental providers may sign up for secure online access to a wide variety of plan information.

Benefit administrators can enjoy secure online access to eServices for enrolling, changing or dropping employee coverage; paying the bill online and viewing employee effective dates, policy benefits and more. Check out the demo by visiting our Resource Center.


ASO (Administrative Services Only)

Does your organization need a benefits administration expert? We can handle those tasks, including processing claims. Ameritas pays member claims and the organization reimburses us. ASO is listed under Dental and Vision.

Prescription Drug Savings

Just for participating in our group dental, vision or hearing care plans, members and their covered dependents can save big on prescription medications at over 60,000 pharmacies across the nation including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Walmart. This Rx discount is offered at no additional cost, and it is not insurance. Even if employees already have health insurance pharmacy benefits, they are welcome to check out this Rx discount. Receive up to 65% savings on generic prescriptions, and overall average savings of 40% across brand name and generic prescriptions combined.
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Eyewear Savings

When members participate in our group dental, Vision Perfect, Fusion, LASIK Advantage or SoundCare plans, they can save on eyewear frames and lenses purchased at any Walmart Vision Center nationwide. It’s available without any additional cost to the plan premium.

Please note, this extra savings is not available on Walmart contact lens purchases. And because our Focus and ViewPointe plans already include network savings, these plans are excluded from this discount.

This information is provided by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (Ameritas Life) and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York (Ameritas of New York). Ameritas Life issues group dental, vision and hearing care products (9000 Rev. 03-16, dates may vary by state) and individual dental and vision products (Indiv. 9000 Rev. 07-16, dates may vary by state) in all states except New York. In New York, Ameritas of New York issues group dental, vision and hearing care products (9000 NY Rev. 03-15) and individual dental and vision products (Indiv. 9000 NY Rev. 07-16). Some plan designs are not available in all areas. In Texas, our PPO network and plans are referred to as the Ameritas Dental Network.

Ameritas, the bison design, “fulfilling life” and product names designated with SM or ® are service marks or registered service marks of Ameritas Life, affiliate Ameritas Holding Company or Ameritas Mutual Holding Company. All other brands are property of their respective owners. © 2018 Ameritas Mutual Holding Company.