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Welcome, all dental providers! You’ve come to the right place. We want you to know that we are committed to building lasting relationships with the dentists and specialists who care for our dental insureds. Would you be interested in joining our network?

If you’re already participating in our network, a hearty thank you! Did you know that you easily can create a secure provider account, and access just about everything you need to know? Get it by clicking the Provider Log In button.

We value our dental providers. When you participate in our network, you are part of a growing company that can increase your chair traffic — and your bottom line.

You can believe it when we say that we take as much pride in the quality of our dental providers as you do in maintaining a quality practice. For us, it’s about more than just building our dental network. It’s about building and maintaining strong relationships, and fulfilling lives.

Ameritas Dental Network

Does Ameritas lease it’s dental network?

Yes. Ameritas has special arrangements with companies who utilize our network. To view, log-in to our Secure Provider Portal and go to the Resource Center.

Last updated 02/28/2020

This enables Ameritas to advertise your practice to a wider range of groups, giving you exposure to more patients. Insurance members will have an ID card that includes the Ameritas logo.