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A financial professional meets with her client, an artist and entrepreneur, to paint a financial picture just right for her client.

Painting the Financial Picture

Carrie Leeb is an artist and entrepreneur from San Francisco. She’s been creating from the time she was a little girl and grew that passion…

April 6, 2023  | watch icon 5 min watch

family at table planning with financial advisor

Ozark Motor Lines: The Benefits of Family Business Planning

Ozark Motor Lines is a trucking transportation company with a rich family history. Ozark was started by the Higginbotham family out of Memphis, Tennessee in…

February 1, 2021  | watch icon 5 min watch

man staring with american flag in the background

Losing a Loved One: A Life Insurance Claim Story

Tim Goodroad never planned to sit in front of a camera and share his life insurance claim story. He never thought he would receive a…

September 14, 2020  | watch icon 6 min watch

couple in rocking chairs on porch

Disability income protection: Recovery after a plane crash

Ken and Kathy Byrd experienced a remarkable journey of recovery after a plane crash that nearly took Ken’s life while he was flying his personal…

February 10, 2020  | watch icon 6 min watch

employee shaking owners hand

Financial Wellness for Employees Through Retirement Plans

For business owner, Corry Lawler, providing financial wellness for employees was a priority since day one. Corry is the chief executive officer of a general,…

November 8, 2019  | read icon 5 min read

business owner reviewing floor plans

Financial Strategy for a Growing Business

When Kim Allen and Corry Lawler became friends, they didn’t expect to sit down and discuss comprehensive business planning for Corry’s family company. But when…

November 4, 2019  | watch icon 5 min watch

two men waiting for public transportation

An Indian American Entrepreneur’s Success Story: Building a Legacy

Ajay Bansal is an Indian American entrepreneur whose determination, skill and smart succession planning led to an American dream success story.

April 10, 2019  | watch icon 5 min watch

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