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DInamic Foundation Series

Goes to work when you can’t

Disability income insurance provides a solid foundation for your financial future by protecting your most valuable asset – your income-earning potential. With DInamic Foundation, you’ll get quality disability protection, built-in features and benefits and a wide variety of optional choices.

Quality Disability Protection

You have a choice of benefit and elimination periods, which means you decide when benefits begin and how long they last.

Built-in Features

Several important benefits are automatically included in your policy. We’ve highlighted just a few here. While each of these features have conditions and restrictions, they work together to provide quality disability protection:

  • Non-disabling Injury — reimburses medical expenses
  • Good Health — shortens elimination period
  • Presumptive Total Disability — waives elimination period and pays benefits for certain physical losses
  • COBRA Premium Benefits — reimburses COBRA premiums if you lose your health insurance due to a disability

Optional Choices

To expand your coverage you can choose from a variety of options. We’ve highlighted a few here. Keep in mind, some options may have additional cost and not all options are available in all states.

  • Cost of Living Adjustment — increases monthly benefit to offset the effects of inflation
  • Future Increase Option — increases monthly benefit once a year to reflect increases in income
  • Catastrophic Disability Rider — pays an additional benefit if you’re unable to perform two or more of the six activities of daily living

You don’t hesitate to insure your home, your car or other valuables, so why wouldn’t you protect your earning potential? Think of it as insurance for your paycheck. Review the brochure below or contact an insurance professional to learn more about protecting your earning potential.

Business Owner

If you are a business owner, you may want to provide disability income insurance for your employees or for yourself  to protect your business if you become disabled. Providing disability income insurance can help you attract and retain top-quality employees and a Business Overhead Expense plan can reimburse you for covered overhead expenses. Review the materials below or contact an insurance professional to learn more about protecting your business, your employees and your clients.

In approved states, DInamic Foundation (Forms 4501NC, 4502GR and 4503NCBOE) is issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. In New York, DInamic Foundation (Forms 5501-NC, 5502-GR and 5503NCBOE) is issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York. Policy and riders may vary and may not be available in all states.