Offering Life Insurance

Our competitive life insurance products, which include both commission and fee-based options, offer a full range of features and benefits to help your individual and business owner clients achieve their goals.

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Competitive underwriting

Our team of underwriters will do everything within their power to get you the best offer for your clients. You can even reach out to them directly by either a phone call or email. In addition to the traditional, fully underwritten underwriting process, we also offer:

Accelerated underwriting

Readily available data is used to quickly determine if a client can receive a policy at the fully underwritten price without the need for a paramed exam or lab work.

EZ App teleunderwriting

Medical history and lifestyle questions are asked by a skilled, professional interviewer over the phone, and all mini examinations are scheduled at the end of the interview.

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Technology built for an enhanced experience

Ameritas Agent app

As the writing agent, the Ameritas Agent will give you detailed status information on your fully underwritten life and DI applications. You’ll also receive notifications on your mobile device whenever an application status changes to issued, active or not placed – helping you track the progress.

Producer Workbench

This user-friendly tool can be a valuable asset when managing your sales activities and practice. Once you register, you have immediate access to everything you need to do business with us.

Interactive client website

Our website gives your clients real-time access to their account details and convenient self-service features while also helping to keep their account secure.

Stay competitive in today’s world

Support you can count on

Clients today are looking for comprehensive guidance across all their needs. Ameritas helps you exceed their expectations by providing a collection of strategies, services, platforms, products and people.


Dedicated support teams to help you succeed

  • Onboarding and training
  • Practice management
  • Advanced markets
  • Sales and product
  • Education and development
  • Operations and processing
  • Compliance
  • Customer service

At Ameritas, it’s not everyone for themselves

The right collaborative network can help you grow in a tough business. Financial professional with Ameritas value the family of accomplished peers they find here.

Rest assured with our mutual-based advantage

Isn’t it comforting to know we serve the best interests of our policyholders and members, not outside stockholders? Since 1887, we’ve been free to think long-range and invest in sustainable growth to deliver on our promises. Our Annual Report tells the whole story.

The Ameritas life insurance portfolio

Ameritas offers a variety of life insurance types to help clients meet their financial goals, no matter what their protection and accumulation goals are:

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