5 Causes of Sudden Hearing Loss

October 9, 2015 |read icon 5 min read

You’ve probably had a severe cold and noticed sounds are muffled or you may have ringing in your ears. The problem is called sudden hearing loss and usually it’s a temporary condition that goes away as the cold symptoms disappear. There also are several other common health problems that can lead to sudden hearing loss. Review this list of five:

1. Teeth grinding – Stress or a misaligned jaw can create pressure on facial muscles between the ear and jaw and cause teeth grinding. As the pain intensifies, you may notice sounds, such as popping, clicking, ringing or buzzing, or muscle spasms that vibrate the inner ear and cause temporary hearing loss.
2. Kidney disease – Researchers believe kidney disease and deafness are linked, but have not yet identified the cause. Family genetics or certain drugs, such as antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs, can damage the kidneys and hair cells in the inner ear that assist with hearing.
3. Surgery – After a surgical procedure, you may notice that sounds and conversations seem hollow. Experts believe some anesthesia chemicals or antibiotics given to prevent infections may cause temporary hearing loss.
4. Cysts – Benign tumors or cysts can develop in the ear canal, blocking sounds and causing temporary hearing loss. Treatment may include surgery or radiotherapy to remove them.
5. Obesity – Researchers have found a link between hearing loss and obesity. One study showed that obese teenagers were more likely to suffer from hearing loss in one or both ears compared to teenagers of normal weight.

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