6 Reasons Employers Should Offer Telemedicine Benefits

February 2, 2021 |read icon 5 min read

Employees are increasingly stressed and anxious about work and world situations. With many working from home, they are struggling to adapt to the new normal. Now more than ever, employees appreciate benefits and perks that provide security and help them deal with life. Telemedicine is emerging as a popular benefit. It allows employees and family members to communicate with health professionals without visiting the office. Here are six reasons why employees should offer telemedicine benefits.

1. Makes appointments convenient

With telemedicine, employees and family members can talk to a nurse or doctor by phone or video chat from the convenience of their home. It is easy to ask questions, take notes or quickly find the names of current medications and dosage. If an appointment with a specialist is required, patients can talk with the doctor sooner on a telemedicine call. Often, it takes much longer to schedule an in-office visit. Telemedicine appointments are especially convenient if doctors are not located near the patient’s home or office.

2. Offers speedy access to care

Depending on the medical concern, health professionals can order prescriptions or tests right away. They can set up therapy appointments or lab work, and send prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy. This helps employees and family members get medical attention sooner. So offering a telemedicine benefit is an excellent way to promote preventive care.

3. Saves money

With telemedicine, employees can get direct help from a health care provider for a minor medical condition, such as an ear infection or common flu. The video or phone chat can eliminate the need to make a trip to an urgent care facility or emergency department. This way, employees end up saving money on medical services, gas and vehicle wear.

Many medical plans today cover most, if not all, of the cost of telemedicine appointments. This benefit encourages employees to explore health concerns via a telemedicine visit vs. scheduling an in-person meeting.

4. Supports mental well-being

Many employees today struggle with depression and anxiety. They feel stuck in their remote work situation with minimal in-person connections with others outside their family. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are a popular telemedicine choice, allowing employees to get counseling assistance from the security of their home. Workers can talk with a trained professional about their worries and frustrations, and explore various helpful solutions.

5. Provides competitive advantage

Employees want benefits and perks that help them deal with medical and personal needs. Employers that offer a robust package of different benefit choices, including telemedicine services, find it easier to retain and recruit talented workers.

6. Enhances productivity and performance

In-person medical appointments can take employees away from the job for several hours during the day. This schedule disruption can impact their performance and productivity. In contrast, telemedicine appointments usually are short visits, so employees can get back to work more quickly. This benefit is a must-have for busy employees.

In addition, many employees and their family members need dental care, but are uncomfortable going to the dentist’s office. However, many dentists now offer teledentistry video chats to discuss patients’ oral health concerns. Then if an in-office procedure is needed, it can be scheduled. Providing access to the care employees need today is vital to their long-term health and performance.

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