5 Reasons Employers Should Offer Employees Individual Dental and Vision Coverage

March 19, 2019 |read icon 5 min read

Nearly 23 percent of full-time workers don’t receive the employer benefits they want, especially dental and vision coverage. But research shows benefits are key to hiring and keeping great workers. Often employers can’t afford plans, or workers don’t meet group coverage requirements. Consider five reasons employers should offer individual dental and vision benefits.

Impacts employee attitudes

Employers who offer competitive benefits packages, including individual dental and vision plans, improve employees’ quality of life. And when employees’ overall well-being needs are met, they can focus on their work and develop stronger relationships with co-workers.

Improves employees’ health

Employees with individual dental and vision coverage can take advantage of preventive dental checkups and vision exams. During appointments, health professionals can catch issues before they require more costly treatments. For example:

  • Dentists look for signs of tooth decay or dry mouth caused by medications that can lead to more serious conditions.
  • Eye doctors check for vision changes or problems caused by dry eyes or eyestrain. Employees also receive allowances for new eyeglass frames or contacts.

Provides benefits for those who don’t work full time

Individual benefits are ideal for part-time or contract employees. Also, employees leaving the company can opt for individual coverage vs. COBRA coverage.

Ensures continued coverage during job or life changes

For position changes that occur during mergers, acquisitions or layoffs, employers may want to offer individual coverage to employees. Employees who retire, or employees’ family members who surpass the dependents age, may want individual dental and vision plans to ensure there is a continuum of care.

Develops employer of choice reputation

Offering quality individual dental and vision coverage sets employers apart from competitors. It shows that employers are interested in employees’ well-being. Word spreads that employers care, which creates interest among potential employees and positively impacts recruitment and retention. Employers quickly develop a reputation as an employer of choice.

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