Individual Vision Insurance: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important

March 19, 2020 |read icon 4 min read

Most people take their vision for granted. They assume that every time they open their eyes, they’ll see normally. But every year, people are diagnosed with a range of vision problems. These include eye diseases, visual impairment, refractive issues and eye injuries. Getting regular eye exams can help find vision problems before they occur. Often people put off seeing the eye doctor. It’s usually because they can see well enough and they’re concerned about cost. But vision coverage doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are four reasons why individual vision insurance is important.

1. Protects vision

People who have vision insurance know what’s at stake. They know that during an eye exam, the doctor will evaluate the healthiness of their eyes and identify vision correction needs. In the process, the doctor also will look for signs of medical conditions that could impact overall health. Did you know eye exams can detect diabetes, hypertension, auto-immune disorders, thyroid problems and some cancers?

After age 40, regular eye exams become even more important, especially if there is a family history of vision problems. However, in general, the risk of developing vision conditions increases with age.

Getting individual vision insurance offers peace of mind. It’s an investment in your vision and physical health. You can get coverage for family members, too.

2. Predictable costs

When it comes to vision costs, people don’t like surprises. But with individual vision insurance, the plan outlines coverage amounts, so costs so are more predictable.

One way people can reduce costs is by using in-network eye doctors who are part of the vision insurance plan. Having this information makes it easier for people to budget for expenses, which helps ease financial worries.

3. Provides vision allowances

Most individual vision insurance plans help pay some or all of the cost for an annual comprehensive eye exam. In addition, check the amount the plan pays toward materials, such as eyeglasses and contacts. There even may be special pricing toward LASIK procedures. Every plan will provide different coverage. Make sure to get a plan that matches your needs.

4. Offers immediate coverage

Most individual vision insurance plans don’t have waiting periods. That means you can get immediate access to vision coverage.

Feeling good and seeing well are two of life’s joys. Enjoy a lifetime of healthy vision by taking steps to protect your eyes now.

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