Risk Management

Knowledge and experience to help you with complex investment challenges

Companies often allocate significant amounts of money and time developing risk management strategies. Ameritas Investment Partners can assist investors who are looking for help managing risk. We can provide risk management across multiple, complex asset classes and program structures, utilizing our core capabilities and experience in understanding and managing risk. The Ameritas Investment Partners team leverages risk analytics capabilities and capital markets insights to deliver unbiased advice and expertise to companies, organizations and institutions.

Ameritas Investment Partners seeks to manage equity, interest rate and volatility risks identified in clients’ investment portfolios and liabilities within specified limits by executing strategies that have a high correlation with the targeted risk. Ameritas Investment Partners’ management strategies include monitoring changes in cash flows to determine the size of clients’ identified risks and executing long and short derivative positions of appropriate size and term to effectively address the risks within the limits. Derivative types used must be included and within limitations established in the clients’ investment policies or derivative use plans, and generally include exchange-traded and over-the-counter put and call options, futures contracts, swaps, collars, caps and other investments.