Ameritas participates in nation-wide campaign, Help Protect Our Families

April 5, 2021 |read icon 3 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened people’s anxieties around their physical and financial security. According to Life Happens, 67% of Americans agree that the pandemic has been a wake-up call to re-evaluate their long-term financial goals.1 Our industry has an opportunity and obligation to help more Americans secure the financial protection they need. Together, we can help protect our families.

Ameritas recently joined an industry campaign led by LL Global, the parent of LIMRA and LOMA, NAIFA and Finseca known as Help Protect our Families. The campaign aims to raise consumer awareness about the importance of life insurance. The campaign also offers financial professionals ways to connect with their current and future clients.

Throughout the year, Ameritas will support this nationwide campaign. “Ameritas is excited to be part of this important awareness campaign,” said Kelly Halverson, vice president of product management for the individual division. “We are in the business of fulfilling life. Partnering with our peers and trade organizations in the insurance industry is an important step to help protect our families.”

As an industry we are facing a pivotal time.

Sixty million Americans are either uninsured or underinsured. According to Finseca, families should have insurance protection for up to ten times the amount of their annual income. Many Americans think life insurance costs up to five times more than it actually does, contributing to the number of underinsured families. In reality, the daily cost of owning a life insurance policy is no more than the average cup of coffee.

Financial professionals are making the difference.

With new advancements in accelerated underwriting and simplifying the application process, consumers can also protect their families easier than ever.

Financial professionals are encouraged to reach out to their clients to discuss any changes in their lives. Some consumers have faced significant job changes, while some have saved money by not eating out and traveling. It’s an important time to review your insurance coverage with a professional.

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