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Mutuality Matters to Wealth Managers

Jul 29, 2020 | Thought Leadership

Growing lasting client relationships means working with providers who think long-range.

Building lifetime relationships is what the best financial professionals do. Helping clients navigate the changing needs of a life’s journey is the real joy of our business.

That’s what I loved best in building my own practice. I enjoyed being a financial professional on that side of the business years before moving into leadership on the provider side. Learning the hopes and dreams of each client – and crafting a strategy to reach those dreams — is profoundly gratifying. Seeing those dreams fulfilled is the ultimate reward: A home purchased. New travel destinations experienced. A child graduated. A retirement vision realized.

Creating tailored, adaptive strategies requires true independence — and trusted providers you can count on. That’s where the mutual advantage really shines.

Mutual-based organizations are free to make decisions for the long haul. That includes prioritizing the preservation of the capital needed to sustain every promise put on the books. The challenge for stock-based organizations, of course, is the need to answer to the short-term demands of shareholders – demands that can collide with policyholder and customer needs.

Financial downturns have a way of bringing this truth to light. In the 2008 financial downturn, some highly respected providers in the industry were pressured by shareholders to make decisions that were decidedly aimed at short term results. Disruption to clients and their advisors resulted.

We’re privileged to work with some of the best independent financial professionals in the business. They guard the best interests of their clients vigorously. They choose to do business with us as one of their preferred providers because they trust us as a mutual-based organization to deliver on the promises they are making to their lifelong clients.

Mutual-based stability is at the heart of our relationship with these financial entrepreneurs. Everything else builds on that foundation: Our incredible collegial peer network. Our culture of sharing our best ideas for clients. Our distinctive lineup of wealth management advantages. The breadth and depth of our portfolio. It all begins with mutual-based stability and values.

I love leading at Ameritas for all these reasons. I look forward to the years ahead, hearing stories of client lives fulfilled at company gatherings with our longtime field colleagues. And I look forward to meeting the independent wealth managers who will, perhaps after a long search, come home to Ameritas.

Ryan Beasley
Executive Vice President
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

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