Welcome our newest independent financial practices and AIC and AAS representatives – May 2024

May 30, 2024 |read icon 3 min read

AB Insurance LLC
Adam Howarth, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Adobe Insurance Brokers LLC
Daniel Ellsworth, Morgan Hill, California

American Benefit Center
Sawyer Masterson, Owego, New York

Artemis Risk Solutions LLC
Clinton Anderson, Dallas, Texas

Certainty Group
Cheryl George, Wilmington, Delaware

Found Life Insurance Services
William Bronson, Houston, Texas

J & G Associates Inc.
David Mosenson, Woodbury, New York

Laura The Insurance Lady
Laura Garrow, Saint Albans, Vermont

Legacy Funding Insurance Inc
Matthew Mesaros, Chandler, Arizona

Lincoln Capital Life LLC
Judd Norman, Lincoln, Nebraska

McGregory Insurance Group LLC
Heather McGregory, Tulsa, Oklahoma

MLS Insurance
Millicent Sims, Windsor, New York

Pinnacle Wealth Group LLC
Emanuel Castelan, Memphis, Tennessee

Ryan Ward Agency
Ryan Ward, Saint Albans, Vermont

Shield Legacy Group
Jose Rodriguez, Tampa, Florida

The Cason Group
William, Cason, Columbia, South Carolina

The Rose Mark Risk Group LLC
Mark Logsdon, Richardson, Texas

Trulegacy Life Group LLC
Regina Ezeh, Upper marlboro, Maryland

Trusted Benefits Group
Jay Werner, Humble, Texas

Widener Insurance Agency, Inc.
Cynthia Winn, Johnson City, Tennessee

Younique Insurance Solutions
Ethan Grahm, Crawfordsville, Florida

Join us in welcoming the newest Ameritas Investment Company, LLC and Ameritas Advisory Services, LLC representatives during the first quarter of 2024.

  • Ross Brenner, WPA Financial Pittsburgh Financial Center – Indiana, Pennsylvania
  • Chester Koehler, Cornerstone Financial – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • David McClure, Cornerstone Financial – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Paul Tunink, WPA Financial Pittsburgh Financial Center – Indiana, Pennsylvania

Ameritas offers the things independent financial professionals need to grow. All under the roof of a strong, mutual-based organization. What’s your vision for your financial practice? We’ll meet you where you are and help you grow. Let’s connect.

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