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Benefit Administrator FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of eServices?

eServices are free and effortless, plus they save time and money when administering members’ dental and vision benefits.

With eServices you can make member eligibility changes in real-time. Groups that take advantage of some of our eServices options, such as eCert, automatically save money on their monthly rates.

What types of eServices are available?

eCert & ePolicy: View, distribute and print dental and vision policies and certificates. To distribute certificates electronically, download the PDF files and attach them to e-mails or post them on a company intranet.

eEnroll:  Enroll, change or terminate member coverage in real time, as well as view member coverage status, including effective dates and dependent coverage levels. You can also verify and update information prior to receiving monthly bills. Once you become a part of eEnroll, you’ll gain access to eBill.

eBill & Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Simple billing is one of the benefits of eServices. Key features include “Request Bill” and “Pay Bill.”

“Request Bill” gives you the option of choosing when you’d like to receive your bill. After updating all member information, you simply order your bill by selecting the “Request Bill” icon. The following business day you’ll receive an e-mail confirming the bill is ready.

With “Pay Bill” you can pay bills online through Electronic Funds Transfer and you have access to 12 months of billing history (no paper bill is mailed with the eBill option).

Electronic Data File Transfer:  If a policy has more than 250 members, Electronic Data File (EDF) Transfer is available. You can transfer enrollment information straight from your payroll system to an Electronic Data File. The file is transmitted to our secure server weekly or monthly, whichever works best for you.

How do I sign up for eServices?

Complete and submit the eServices agreement.

How do I register with multiple users?
Click here to watch a recording on how to register with multiple users.
What should I do if I get the message “Your Credentials Cannot Be Verified?”

Make sure your CAPS LOCK is not on when entering your User ID and Password.  If you still receive the same message, contact us at 800-659-2223.

If I am signed up for eBill, how will I receive my bill?

You’ll receive an e-mail message when your bill is ready for review online.  You can also access up to 12 months of billing history and download your monthly statements into Excel and/or PDF format. A paper copy of the bill will not be mailed.

Can I pay online?

If you are signed up for eBill and have completed the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form online, just select the “Pay Bill” function to pay online.

How often does my password expire?

Your password does not expire.

How can I submit enrollment/change forms or termination notifications?

Mail updates to:
PO Box 82520
Lincoln, NE 68501
Fax: 402-467-7338

Ameritas of New York
Mail updates to:
PO Box 81889
Lincoln, NE  68501
Fax: 402-467-7338

How do I notify you if a dependent is a full-time student?

Mail verification of full-time student status to:
PO Box 82520
Lincoln, NE  68501
Fax: 402-309-2580

How long does it take for ID cards and certificates to arrive after I have re-ordered them?

Please allow seven to ten business days to receive ID cards and certificates after ordering.

Where do I find enrollment forms or claim forms?

Visit the forms section of our website.