Dental and Vision for Individual Clients

You can sell dental and vision coverage to clients of all ages. We offer diverse dental and vision coverage to meet the budget and health needs of your single and family clients. With online enrollment and rates based on location instead of age, they are sure to find the perfect fit.

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Benefits for All Ages, Lifestyles and Budgets

The PrimeStar® dental and vision portfolio can be found at Plan benefits and premiums vary so you can find a plan for each of your clients, including a single dependent aging off their parent’s plan, a family with kids and a senior enjoying retirement.

Plans can be sold to those who are self-employed or on Medicare. They also can be sold through groups to employees retiring or those not eligible for group benefits, such as part-time or contracted employees.

You will receive automatic credit for sales purchased through your unique shopping URL, which can be found in your producer portal account.

Dental plans

There are no enrollment fees and your client can choose next-day coverage. There are no waiting periods on most plans. Some plans offer additional coverage, such as orthodontia or hearing care. Most states offer credit for prior dental coverage with increased benefits the first year on the plan.

Vision plans

Individual vision plans have no waiting periods, no enrollment fees, and your client can choose next-day coverage. Most states offer vision plans with access to either the VSP or EyeMed network. Both networks include retail storefronts and in-network online stores for greater benefits and savings.

Support Tools

Benefits enrollment and administration should be easy. We have tools and resources to help simplify the tasks that are necessary for success.

Managing your business

Manage your dental and vision business on your schedule with your producer portal. View information about your current cases, new cases and policy change submissions. 

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Marketing support

We offer customized support tools to decrease the time you spend on each sale and increase client satisfaction.

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Small groups

Does your client own a small business? Help them offer a benefits package with products specifically designed for groups with 3-50 employees.

Quote small group dental and vision plans online through your producer portal. Dental variables include deductibles, maximums, claim allowances and add-on benefits. Vision plans are available with the VSP or EyeMed network, or no network. You can choose a vision deductible, frequency and allowance. With all these options, you are sure to offer plans that your clients will love.

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