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A couple sitting at a table sharing a cup of coffee and enjoying each other's company.

Understanding Dental Insurance Terms: In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

Navigating dental insurance can be tricky, and the distinction between in-network and out-of-network providers is often overlooked. However, these dental insurance terms play an important…

June 4, 2024  | read icon 4 min read

A female holding and looking at a prescription bottle.

Addressing Dry Mouth from Medications

A side effect often overlooked in medication management is xerostomia, also known as dry mouth. Various medications have the potential to diminish saliva production, leading…

May 13, 2024  | read icon 4 min read

A group of colleagues in an office gathered around a table looking at a laptop.

Navigating Market Changes with Dental and Vision Employee Benefits

In an ever-evolving marketplace, employers are continuously seeking innovative strategies to remain competitive and adaptive. And as the workforce becomes increasingly conscious of work-life balance…

April 11, 2024  | read icon 4 min read

Smiling female looking at cell phone while waiting for subway.

5 Ways to Compare PPO Dental Network Plans

When choosing benefits, employers often primarily focus on medical coverage, spending less time scrutinizing dental plans as closely. While Participating Provider Organization (PPO) dental plans…

April 1, 2024  | read icon 5 min read

Dentist giving child dental exam while he sits on his mother's lap.

What is a PPO?

Choosing the right dental insurance plan is essential when navigating options and understanding how to maximize benefits. The term PPO, which stands for Participating Provider…

March 29, 2024  | read icon 5 min read

Young girl rinsing toothbrush under water at the sink.

3 Tips for Better Dental Health for Children

Good dental health sets the stage for a child’s overall health and development. By instilling good oral hygiene habits from an early age, parents can…

February 14, 2024  | read icon 6 min read

Dental hygienist smiling while holding and up close shot of dentures.

Do I Need Dental Insurance if I Have Dentures?

When it comes to dental insurance, many people with dentures might wonder if it’s a necessary expense — often believing that with dentures in place,…

February 5, 2024  | read icon 5 min read

Male and female sitting at a table explaining annual maximum.

For Agents: Explaining “Annual Maximum” and Other Dental Plan Terms

Year after year, employees list dental insurance as a highly valued benefit. However, research shows that many employees don’t understand some of the dental plan…

November 20, 2023  | read icon 6 min read

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