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Complex Products

Variable Products

Variable universal life insurance and variable annuities can help plan for you and your family’s financial security.

  • Variable universal life combines death benefit protection and opportunities of investment with the benefits only life insurance can provide.
  • Variable annuities give you the opportunity to accumulate and invest money tax-deferred.

Ameritas Investment Company, LLC offers variable life insurance and variable annuities through our proprietary affiliates as well as more than 80 variable companies.

Alternative Investments

Sophisticated investors have long used alternative investments to help bolster their investment returns. Increasingly mainstream, these investment options provide the tools to potentially produce better investment results for many traditional investors. Our alternative investments include:

  • Non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
    A corporation, trust or association that owns – and may also manage – income-producing real estate issues notes. REITs pool the capital of multiple investors to purchase a portfolio of properties. As the name states, REITs do not trade on a national securities exchange.
  • Oil and gas royalties
    Private offerings of oil and gas drilling ventures for which an investor may realize a share of the profits if and when the venture is successful.
  • Equipment leasing
    Equipment leasing programs offer the potential for a highly competitive fixed income stream earned from the financing and leasing of equipment ranging from technology to medical and manufacturing equipment.

Structured Products

Structured products are debt-security-based investment vehicles. The products are normally linked to the performance of an underlying asset, or assets, such as an equity, index, foreign exchange, commodity or some combination of securities. With help from your financial advisor, products can be customized and individually structured to take advantage of current market conditions or to hedge an investment risk. Structured products do not represent ownership of a portfolio of assets, but are promises to pay from the product issuers. We offer two types of structured products — certificates of deposit and bonds. Every structured product is unique; therefore, features vary widely and may not be applicable to every structured product.

While alternative investments and structured products provide opportunity for asset growth and income and some tax benefits, they do involve risk. There is no guarantee of return on the investment. Depending upon the type of alternative product, the risks will be unique to that investment, but may include:

  • No liquidity
  • Complexity and difficulty in determining the real value of the investment over time
  • Restrictive and expensive early redemption
  • Outside effects on markets and pricing
  • Insufficient knowledge of business strength of company seeking capital

Securities products are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal.  Before investing, carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, limitations, charges and expenses of the product and any underlying investment options.  This information can be found in the product and investment option prospectuses.  Copies are available from your registered representative or AIC.  Please read carefully before investing.