Elderly couple talking with a financial advisor.

Investment Advisory Services

Financial advisory services and programs provide professional management

If you’re looking for more in-depth professional management, consider our financial advisory services. When you work with an Ameritas Advisory Services, LLC financial advisor, you will have a guide to help you define and manage your investment goals.

You can choose how much guidance you want. Some investors only want basic education and advice to help them make informed investment decisions. For a fee, financial advisors can provide a detailed financial plan, allowing you to implement the investment strategy. Other investors prefer to put the full management of their investment portfolio in the hands of a professional.

No matter what level of involvement you choose, you can feel confident that your financial advisor will act in your best interest. You’ll have regular contact with your advisor as you work together to establish, implement and maintain an investment plan based on your goals, your timeline and your risk tolerance.

Managed Account Programs
Your financial advisor may suggest a fee-based managed account program. At Ameritas there are several programs to choose from, but they all offer the following benefits:

  • Professional money management.
  • Strategic allocation of assets designed to meet a specific investment goal.
  • Regular rebalancing.
  • Easy-to-understand account statements and performance reports.

There are no commissions for our managed accounts programs. Instead, you pay a fee based on the value of your assets plus any applicable transaction fees.

In addition to managed account programs, you and your financial advisor may want to consider other advisory products and services offered through Ameritas Advisory Services, LLC including:

  • Retirement plan consulting.
  • Fee-based interval funds.
  • Fee-based structured products.

Keep in mind, fee-based interval funds and structured products aren’t appropriate for all investors. Contact your financial advisor for more information.

Ameritas Advisory Services offers certain managed account programs custodied at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions® and TD Ameritrade, Inc.