The Power of the Ameritas Pooled Employer Plan

June 7, 2023 |read icon 4 min read
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Businesses are generally concerned with three things when it comes to sponsoring a retirement plan: cost, fiduciary risk and administrative burden. At Ameritas, we’re working hard to remove those barriers, bringing high quality retirement plan benefits to a growing number of employers: main street businesses, nonprofits, governmental groups and community organizations.

We couldn’t do it without our field partners – financial professionals. We recognize that our relationship with our advisors is one of our greatest assets. As such, we are committed to recognizing the effort you put forth to ensure retirement readiness and supporting you in this endeavor over the long-term. It’s our relationship with you that helps make us a main street market leader. You can count on our experience and know-how with offerings like the Ameritas Pooled Employer Plan. We are here to make the road to retirement easier, for both you and your clients.

The Ameritas PEP

This recent addition to our robust pooled retirement plan capabilities like multiple employer plans, or MEPs, makes us even more versatile. We have a website that provides details about the Ameritas PEP and tools you can use with your clients.

Explore Ameritas PEP

In short, the Ameritas PEP is a pooled employer plan that allows unrelated employers of differing sizes and industries to join a single retirement plan. Along with pooled purchasing power, a PEP can provide relief to employers who are wary of the expense and fiduciary liability that come with offering their employees a retirement plan. 

The Ameritas PEP offers significant fiduciary outsourcing, ease of administration, potential audit relief and competitive costs. In addition, it offers a low-cost fund line-up continually monitored and updated by a 3(38) investment fiduciary, as well as a managed account, qualified default investment arrangement, or QDIA. By pooling resources together in the Ameritas PEP we can deliver large company benefits downstream to the main street.

Businesses of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of the Ameritas PEP without losing flexibility. The plan can be customized to meet the company’s needs, offering flexibility with items like eligibility and enrollment, employer contribution formulas, vesting schedules and more.

The Ameritas PEP is designed to serve the needs of a wide range of employers. That includes:

  • Small startups who don’t have staff to set up or administer a 401(k) plan.
  • Larger organizations who want to offload administrative duties, fiduciary responsibility and risks of a potential audit.
  • Organizations looking for cost efficiencies in their benefits budget.
  • Any employer with a short implementation timeline, such as those facing state mandates.

The regulatory and reporting requirements associated with managing pooled employer plans are different when compared to traditional, single employer plans. No worries – we have your back. Over the last two decades, we have built systems that address the nuances and complexities of these plan types. Our experience brings comfort to plan sponsors like professional employer organizations and trade associations. We take pride in building trusted relationships by providing the tools and services our clients and advisors need to makes PEPs successful. It’s what we do and what we are known for.

Need a competitive pooled employer plan you can put in place fast?

The Ameritas Pooled Employer Plan is ready for you. Now.

Jim Kais, Retirement Plans Executive Vice President

Jim Kais

Executive Vice President, Retirement Plans

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