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Index Universal Life

Help minimize uncertainty and maximize the future

Index universal life insurance helps minimize uncertainty by protecting those you care about and helps maximize the future by giving you the potential to accumulate value to help fund your future plans.

Dependable Protection

Index universal life insurance provides a death benefit – a valuable resource for your family, business associates or other beneficiaries if you should die prematurely. It is generally paid income tax free to your beneficiaries — a benefit only available on life insurance.

Growth Potential

Your policy can build cash value over time to help you be ready for life’s exciting opportunities or discouraging obstacles. The cash value accumulation is linked, in part, to the performance of a fixed account or the S&P 500® Index or another equity index.*

Downside Protection

Although index universal life insurance provides the potential for interest accumulation linked, in part, to an equity index, you’re not directly investing in equities so you have more protection. Your policy’s account value is protected from market loss and may even earn a minimum guaranteed interest rate.

Index universal life insurance may be a good fit for you if you are looking for protection to last as long as you need it, cash value based, in part, on the performance of an equity index and downside protection. Learn more by reviewing the product materials and contact a financial professional.

Growth Index UL
Growth Index UL – Spanish version
Value Plus Index UL

*If you choose an equity index you are not investing in stocks or the index itself. Therefore, dividends paid by companies in the index are not part of the index calculation.

Standard & Poor’s 500™ Index is comprised of 500 stocks representing major U.S. industrial sectors. S&P 500® and Standard & Poor’s 500™ are trademarks of Standard & Poor’s and have been licensed for use by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. The product is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Standard & Poor’s and Standard & Poor’s does not make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in the product.

In approved states, Ameritas Growth Index Universal Life insurance (form 3022) and Ameritas Value Plus Index Universal Life (form 3024) are issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. In New York, Ameritas Growth Index Universal Life insurance (form 5022) and Value Plus Index Universal Life (form 5024) are issued by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York. Policy and riders may vary and may not be available in all states. Optional features and riders may have limitations, restrictions and additional charges.