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Bringing More to Wealth Management Clients

Oct 2, 2020 | Thought Leadership

Financial professional meeting with clients virtually

The gaps between client expectations and advisor services are often wide. Ameritas is helping financial professionals fill those gaps and bring their clients more.

In financial services, an ideal client relationship is comprehensive. Increasingly, clients want a one-stop-shop to manage a host of life needs. Recent research tells the tale. Here are a few stand-out statistics*:

  • Financial Planning: 95% of clients want it, 70% of advisors offer it
  • Wealth Transfer Advice: 96% of clients want it, 24% of advisors offer it
  • Trust Services: 94% of clients want it, 10% of advisors offer it
  • Estate Planning Advice: 93% of clients want it, 22% of advisors offer it
  • Tax Planning Advice: 92% of clients want it, 25% of advisors offer it
  • Educational Financing Advice: 81% of clients want it, 6% of advisors offer it
  • Loan and Credit Management: 83% of clients want it, 3% of advisors offer it
  • Life Insurance Advice: 82% of clients want it, 12% of advisors offer it

The message is unmistakable. It’s not just about managing money. It’s about managing life. Today’s clients want someone to meet them where they are and help them navigate their life’s journey. They want a life coach.

We know that when client relationships are deeper, they are stronger and longer-lasting. But – beyond getting licensed to do more – how can an investment or insurance practice evolve to meet all these consumer desires? Not necessarily by adding to staff. Smart advisors and insurance professionals are creating a constellation of these services by expanding their strategic relationships and leveraging the power of their providers.

We’ve seen this shift coming. It’s why Ameritas set out to become the best possible provider for independent wealth managers. We built on our natural strengths: mutual-based stability, a robust portfolio, and strong broker-dealer. We expanded our digital platforms and tools for financial planning and investment management. Offering a choice of investment custodians for each client was a top priority so we augmented those relationships. Finally, we grew our strategic third-party relationships, giving advisors access to support across the full range of wealth management needs.

Open architecture, however, is what really positions us to best support independent wealth managers. It’s something we’ve offered for a long time. It means full freedom for financial professionals to custom tailor their relationship with us. They can choose the platforms, tools, and services that make the most sense for their practice. They are free to recommend the products that will work best in their clients’ financial strategies – inside or outside our walls.

I believe this trend toward comprehensive wealth management will only grow. Life is complex and getting more so. We all need ways to streamline and simplify our life’s journey. Comprehensive wealth management enables advisors to grow a financial practice that is satisfying and sustainable – and most importantly, serve clients well.

Ameritas is ready to help financial professionals bring more to their clients. Interested in growing your independent wealth management practice with us? Learn more.


Ryan Beasley
Executive Vice President
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

*Source: Market Insights 2019, Spectrem Group

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