California Language Assistance Program

california language assistance program

In California we’re required to provide interpreter services to plan members when necessary. If you’re a network provider, you must provide information about these services to your patients when necessary as part of our dental network agreement. We make the process easy - just follow the steps below.

First, verify that your patient's insurance is through Ameritas or Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York. Then, you or your patient can call 877-233-3797 to request interpreter services. A qualified interpreter will be provided at no cost to you or your patient. Providers and members are encouraged to access this toll-free number rather than relying on the patient's family members or friends as interpreters. Feel free to distribute this informational handout to your patients - it contains details about the process in various languages.

Survey Results
We’re also required to gather survey information about plan members in California, including language spoken and race/ethnicity.

In our most recent survey, the top results for language spoken were:
• English
• Spanish
• Chinese
• Vietnamese
• Japanese

Any language selection that received less than 50 responses is not listed.

In our most recent survey, the top results for race/ethnicity were:
• White
• Hispanic or Latino
• Asian American
• 2 or more races
• Black
• Native American/Alaska Native
• Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

California Language Assistance Program
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