Navigating Market Changes with Dental and Vision Employee Benefits

April 11, 2024 |read icon 4 min read
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In an ever-evolving marketplace, employers are continuously seeking innovative strategies to remain competitive and adaptive. And as the workforce becomes increasingly conscious of work-life balance and personal well-being, offering comprehensive benefits that include dental and vision insurance has become more than a perk – it’s a powerful tool for businesses to navigate market changes.

Increasing employee retention

The Great Resignation has taught us the value employees place on benefits, and that benefits offered are often viewed as a reflection of how much a company values its team. By offering dental and vision benefits, employers signal their commitment to overall health and satisfaction of their workforce, which can significantly boost retention rates. Organizations that offer comprehensive benefits to employees have demonstrated reduced likelihood of turnover by 26% and increased retention by 14%.

Enhancing recruitment

In a competitive job market, standout benefits packages are key to attracting top talent. Dental and vision coverage can be the differentiator that makes an offer more appealing to prospective hires. Ultimately, companies that provide comprehensive insurance plans will lead the race in securing the best candidates.

Driving employee productivity

Undiagnosed vision issues and dental problems can lead to discomfort, absenteeism, and decreased productivity. By providing benefits that address these health concerns, employers can create a more focused and motivated workforce. A healthy work environment has shown to increase productivity by three times and drive workforce engagement by five times. Plus, employees with access to regular dental and vision check-ups are often healthier overall, reducing the incidence of related systemic health issues.

Supporting employee wellness

The pandemic has significantly altered perspectives on health and wellness. As we experience the post-pandemic world, employees are more aware of the importance of maintaining good health. Vision and dental benefits are a critical aspect of preventive health care, and by providing these, employers demonstrate their commitment to their employees’ long-term health and well-being.

Reducing long-term costs

Preventive care, including regular dental and vision check-ups, can reduce the risk of more serious and costly issues down the line. By investing in employee benefits that include dental and vision, companies can expect a decrease in overall health care expenditures, thanks to early detection and treatment of potential health concerns.

As we navigate the uncertainties and shifts in today’s market, dental and vision benefits are essential components of a thoughtful and future-facing employee benefits package. They are investments in the health of your employees and, by extension, the health of your business.

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