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Enhance Dental and Vision Plans with Added-Value Services

As prices rise, employees are looking for ways to save money. They’re especially interested in affordable add-ons and no-cost, added-value services that help them get…

May 26, 2023  | read icon 5 min read

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3 Things to Know About Allergies and the Eyes

More than 50 million Americans struggle with allergies to a variety of things. Common symptoms include a runny nose, sneezing and coughing.

April 14, 2023  | read icon 3 min read

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3 Important Reasons for Vision Benefits

Employees value their vision insurance benefits. Research shows that 87% of workers surveyed are likelier to stay with a company that offers high-quality vision coverage.

February 23, 2023  | read icon 4 min read

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5 Things Retirees Should Know About Dental and Vision Insurance

If you’re considering retirement, you may worry about maintaining good health as you age. Although you can get medical coverage through Medicare and gap insurance,…

December 12, 2022  | read icon 5 min read

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Are Individual Dental and Vision Insurance Benefits Worth the Cost?

Many employees get health insurance coverage through an employer, including dental and vision care. But not all workers qualify for these plans. This usually includes…

November 11, 2022  | read icon 6 min read

7 Advancements in Vision Technology Improve Employees’ Eyes

Innovations in eye care technology are helping keep employees’ eyes healthy. These advancements are rapidly changing treatment options for many eye problems, including diseases and…

August 1, 2022  | read icon 4 min read

6 Reasons to Offer Eye Care Benefits to Employees

Eye care (vision) coverage used to be a nice-to-have benefit. But today’s workers view vision coverage as an essential part of their health care benefits.

July 5, 2022  | read icon 5 min read

5 Tips to Prevent Vision Problems from Digital Devices

Employees today work from many locations: home, office or a combination of both. Most workers use digital devices to complete projects.

June 14, 2022  | read icon 6 min read

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