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Two females sitting in chairs discussing why employee mental health benefits are essential.

Why Employee Mental Health Benefits Are Essential  

Employees are stressed about rising costs, healthcare concerns, family worries and job layoffs. These worries increase workers’ distraction, exhaustion and lack of focus.

December 27, 2023  | read icon 4 min read

Short haired female with glasses looking at cell phone.

Recognize the Importance of Emotional Well-being for Employee Engagement

Many U.S. workers have engaged in quiet quitting, where they show up for work but put in minimal effort. Sometimes it’s a way for employees…

March 10, 2023  | read icon 5 min read

An optometrist covering her patient’s eyes with an occluder during an eye exam.

5 Reasons Why Preventive Health Screenings Are Essential

It’s safe to say that most people worry about their finances, especially health care costs. No one wants to pay for unnecessary tests or procedures.

December 8, 2022  | read icon 5 min read

Two males laughing and having a conversation while sitting at a table.

Why Does Preventive Care Matter?

There’s nothing more critical than managing your health. The best way to do that is to take steps to shield yourself from serious medical issues…

December 7, 2022  | read icon 7 min read

gathering space in the lobby

The Value of Employee Well-being in the Workplace

Learn about the five elements of well-being and the benefits for employers who focus on employee well-being and build an environment where employees can thrive.

October 7, 2022  | watch icon 3 min watch

Tips to be Healthy When Working from Home

For years, working from home was a perk in high demand with employees. Now it’s the norm for about 42% of employees.

July 25, 2022  | read icon 5 min read

Can You Stay on Your Parents’ Insurance After Age 26?

Growing up is bittersweet. As you enter your 20s, you enjoy many fun and exciting experiences.

July 20, 2022  | read icon 5 min read

How to Help Employees Cope with Financial Stress and Medical…

Americans are stressed over finances. Nearly 50 percent live paycheck to paycheck. Many find it difficult to balance health care expenses with the costs of…

June 14, 2022  | read icon 4 min read

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