Asset Allocation

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Asset allocation is an investment strategy to divide your portfolio holdings among the major asset classes of bonds, equities, alternative investments, and cash or cash equivalents. Each asset class historically has exhibited different levels of risk and return over time. By diversifying your money across these asset classes, you may lower your portfolio’s overall risk exposure while maintaining your return objectives.

Ameritas Investment Partners asset allocation services can be used to develop portfolios for both institutional and retail clients. Ameritas Investment Partners seeks to align client needs, expectations and constraints with investment market opportunities to deliver client-specific, custom diversified investment portfolios.

Portfolio managers develop recommendations based on each client’s investment policies, financial situation, cash flow expectations, risk tolerance, income tax exposure, complementary investment exposure and other factors. Investments are selected that have both attractive expected returns and complementary characteristics when held within a diversified investment portfolio. Periodically and when appropriate, asset allocation models are evaluated and updated. Accordingly, we reallocate investment values for discretionary accounts and update recommendations for non-discretionary accounts.

For portfolios that include a portion of actively managed assets, Ameritas Investment Partners uses a combination of multiple account managers for core common stocks and fixed income securities, as appropriate, with managers employing their own investment discipline, philosophy and approach to diversification.