Bond Marketing

Underwriting is the first step of the process for issuing bonds. The second step is bond marketing. Our highly qualified marketing team manages the bond selling and purchasing process, helping assure the needed capital will be delivered. Three key functions within Ameritas Investment Company, LLC contribute to its bond marketing expertise.

Trade Desk

The Ameritas Investment Company, LLC trade desk determines the interest rate on bonds issued. The decision-making process includes careful evaluation of the financial needs of the issuer and the investor, who will purchase the bond. Our traders work closely with retail and institutional investors, as well as regional and national trading desks. The ongoing shared communication and information helps create an economic benefit for our clients by providing cost-effective financing under all market conditions.

Sales Desk

Ameritas Investment Company, LLC offers its clients the broadest possible market for their bonds. Therefore, we maintain relationships with institutional buyers nationwide, as well as a strong retail marketing presence. Our leadership in bond underwriting encourages individual investors to approach Ameritas Investment Company, LLC when they want to purchase bonds. Diversity in buyers is advantageous to efficient bond selling.

Administrative Support

Bond issues and other public finance transactions are closely monitored and highly regulated. It is crucial that we focus our total attention on the details and provide needed support throughout the marketing process. Our experienced administrative staff works with our underwriters and customers to provide the quality of support required for this essential function, reducing the time and effort required from the issuer.